Monday, March 14, 2011


So one thing that really bugs me is people that love to put stereotypes on anyone that goes to the gym. They see a guy that has put in the work, has good tone and definition, and automatically asume that he is on steroids. Okay now I am not talking about the guy on the far right, because he is definitely on steroids. I'm talking about the guys in the middle and on the left. I know that on several occasions I have gotten accused of using illegal supplements even by my family and friends. Others see you bettering yourself and always try to put you down. I feel like there are no categories of people that workout. Just people that enjoy it and do it for that reason. However, there are so many more stereo types out there then just the cliche that guy must be on steroids. For example:

Most like to be found: doing squats
The machines are the hardcore regulars of the gym who generate an aura of respect. They normally have a single minded determination and can lift roughly a million times the amount of a normal human. They are generally friendly characters who enjoy a bit of gym comaraderie. However they do not take kindly to their session being interrupted. They are there when you arrive and will be there when you leave. It is unknown whether they have a home at all, or whether they infact live at the gym. If more than one machine meet they will usually begin to work together. Sometimes several will congregate around one machine. Often this makes an area of the gym inaccesible or intimidating for the timid gym goer who feels they are not welcome. Don't be afraid to approach, you may even learn something
Most likely to be found: on resistance machines
Civilians are basically anyone who comes to the gym out of habbit or because their wife made them. They don't really want to be here but they feel that society demands it of them. Their lack of enthusiasm leaks from their pours

I stumbled across these and more at If you are are interested in reading up on them and see if your are categorized.

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