Friday, March 11, 2011


Dinner is extremely important to your body. It is the meal that gets your body ready for the next day. If you have an unhealthy dinner chances are you are more likely  to wake up feeling sluggish. So my version of a perfectly healthy dinner is a serving of protein, carbs, and some sort of vegetables.

The serving of protein should be chicken or fish, since they are the best sources of good proteins. The best way to prepare them is to grill them. Now I have a George Forman, which I use to prepare a lot of my meals and it is perfect for helping to separate a lot of the fat out of your meat. It even has a nifty tray at the bottom for catching all the fat that gets grilled out of your meat. However, if you don't want to pay the 20 dollars to invest in one you could always boil your meat. But I have to warn you, that if your going to take that route your meal is going to be rather flavorless. On the flip side, red meat has a large amount of protein too. But red meat is hard for your body to move and digest. If you love steaks and eat them often you will need large amounts of fiber to help your body process it and keep you regular.

Your servings of carbs are going to pretty straightforward. Wheat pasta and brown rice are the ideal example. The more organic the carbs the more your body is going to get out of them. The best way to cook pasta is to put it in boiling water. If your going to be eating rice a lot you should look in to buying a rice cooker. Now I feel like I should also talk about the sauce that is normally put on these sides. Everyone loves soy sauce on his or her rice. The big problem with that is soy sauce is jammed pack with sodium. Now your body does need sodium to function, but indulge in too much your body starts to retain water. So the healthiest choice is to put your meat on top of your rice and let the good juices from that meat be your flavor. The healthiest choice for pasta is marinara. I know everyone’s first choice is going to be alfredo, but you need to take the time to read the nutrition facts. Alfredo sauce generally has 90 calories per serving with 80 of those from fat. So marinara will give your pasta some personality without adding to the fat that your trying to burn off.

For your veggies option is pretty up in the air. Since you could go so many ways with it. You could make a little side salad with a combination of your favorite veggies. Another option is a side of broccoli or corn both work well with the rest of your dish. A great way to cook a majority of these vegetables would be to steam them. I know that I prefer my veggies cook rather then raw. They always seem to taste better. That's the thing with vegetables, you can eat which ever one you like the best and there isn't a down side to them. Just make sure that your not putting a ton of fatty toppings on the veggies. For instance, butter on your corn, or cheese on your broccoli. Which totally defeats the purpose of having vegetables in the first place.

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