Friday, March 18, 2011

Chest Workout Continued- Incline Press

Bench Press is taken care of so now we can move on to the next exercise. Incline press is a great exercise and primarily works the top of your chest. Pay attention because there are a couple differences from the bench press.

The bench itself is at an angle upward so that you are no longer lying flat on your back. You also need to be careful with how much weight you put on the bar. You are not going to press as much weight on the incline as you did on the bench. So my recommendation is that however much weight you used for bench cut that in half and start off with that for your incline. Remember that you can always add more if it's too light. If you hurt yourself trying to press to much weight before your ready there's going to be a long recovery process and possible surgery.
How far you bring the bar down is another difference. After you take the bar off the rack, bring it down to the bottom of your chin instead of touching the bar to your chest. Now if you have heard that you need to touch your chest for this exercise trust me you DON'T. If you do your only putting increased strain on your shoulders. For one repetition you have to come off the rack all the way down to the bottom of your chin and then back up again.

Remember for this exercise you still need to do 3 sets of 10.

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