Monday, February 21, 2011

Lunch Time!!

 In one of my previous blogs I discussed the importance of breakfast. Now we need to talk about what to eat from breakfast to lunch. After that all important breakfast you are going to need a snack before lunch. I know this might go against everything that some of you believe but it is the truth that 6 small meals a day are the best option when your trying to stay healthy and lose weight. So the snack before lunch is nothing major. An apple is a perfect example of a great snack to have. If your not an apple fan and want something sweet than try celery sticks with some peanut butter in the middle. It might not sound good but trust me it is. Now for lunch the general idea is to have something light. So a salad or a sandwich is the ideal choice. You must hear these choices all the time, but take it from me. It's what i eat before a soccer game or a big work out in order to prepare my body for strain its about to go through. There are some things to know though. For instance, if your going to get a salad make sure that you are not getting fatty dressing. Ranch has 110 perserving and 100 of those calories are straight fat. So italian dressing is the perfect alternative. Its usually about 20 calories and 0 of those are from fat. If your not prepared to give up your beloved ranch you can always get fat free ranch. It never tastes as good but at least you still get that general ranch taste and at half the calories as normal ranch. Its the same thing for sandwiches. The mayo that most of us enjoy on our turkey and cheddar is 90 calories generally and 70 of that is fat.  So for everyone that doesn't want to sacrifice taste when it comes to their favorite sandwiches try honey mustard. It is my favorite and has only 10 calories per serving not to mention that it is FAT FREE. Still if my choice has you feeling like you would rather have homeless person sweat for dressing instead. Then there is always the light mayo with 45 calories and 20 from fat. Now I know that my examples wont be ideal for everyone. Some people hate salad and sandwichs. So for you trendy eaters certain sushi tends to be really healthy for you. The tuna (maguro) roll has 184 calories and only 2 grams of fat. Now thats pretty good. The most healthy roll is the Kappa Maki with its slender 136 calories and 0 grams of fat. Now generally the healthy choices that I have given above come in at around 385 calories with cheese and stuff on them. Then if you look at the quarter pounder from McDonalds with its 745 calories with 400 of those straight from fat. It's easy to see how people could pack on those extra lb's. So when its lunch time again make sure that your making the right choice for a more healthy and fitter you.

Feel free to leave me comments if you want more extended examples of great lunch choices and in the meantime I will keep researching good tasting alternatives for lunch. Also stay tuned for my next blog when we dive into what to eat for dinner. :)

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