Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shoulder Workout- Dumbbell Military Shoulder Press

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Are your looking for a great shoulder exercise that is guaranteed to give you results? Then stop looking because that exercise is right here. What is this mysterious exercise? It's the dumbbell military shoulder press. Long title I know, but it's no joke. There are a couple of things your gonna need to know before you start it.

Warming up is key before you do any shoulder exercise. Go to a weight rack and grab two 10 lb plates. Then put four fingers in hole in the middle of the weight. Finish your grip by locking your thumb on the outside of the weight. Then start twirling you arms in circles. Do them front and backwards until you feel your rotator cuff and shoulder muscles losen up.  

For the execution you first need to locate a bench. Put it in the up right position so it looks like a chair. Then go to the weight rack and pick a weight thats right for you. Normally I start out with 45lb dumbbells, but if your a beginner I suggest starting small. You can always work up to a heavier weight, and it's a good policy to make sure that you don't get hurt. After you have chosen your weight go back to the bench, sit down, and put the weights on your knees. The next step is going to be to kick the weight up with your knees to the rest position next to your head. Then push up with both arms until they are fully extended. Down and back up. That is one repetition. As always do 3 sets of 10. 

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