Monday, April 4, 2011

Chest Workout Continued- Cable Flys

Now we get to introduce one of my favorite exercises. The cable flys are a great change up from the pressing exercises that I have touched on.  There are a couple of things that make cable flys such a great part of your workout.

When your working out with the cables your muscles are constantly working through each rep. With other chest exercises you are only working one way, but with cables your muscles are working during the rest part of your repetition too.

On the cable machines there isn't one solid bar for flys. Instead there are two individual handles. When you take each handle off the rest position you are engaging all the little stabilizer muscles in your chest to keep those handles straight. Muscles that don't get much attention during the pressing exercises.

As far as the execution its pretty simple. There are going to be two weight racks on each side of the machine. You need to select a weight that you can do 10 times. The handles for this should be at the top of the rack, if there not you need to put them there, so put your hands in each handle. Lift the weight off the racks, and extend your arms forward till they touch each other in front of your chest. That is one repetition. As always do 3 sets of 10.

Remember that if you select 60 on one side you need to select 60 on the other to keep it even and prevent injuries.

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