Monday, May 2, 2011

Shoulder Workout- Arnold Press

This exercise stays true to its name. The man Arnold Schwarzenegger invented them while achieving his crown as seven-time Mr. Olympia. It goes without saying that this exercise has been proven to work.

You are going to need a couple thing before you start. First, find a bench and put it in the seated position. Then go to the dumbbell rack and find a weight that you can do. Go back to the bench, sit down, and put the weight on the ground.

The best way to get the weight up to the start position is to curl the weight up. Pick up the weight and do a bicep curl all the way up until you hit your chest and stop there. This is the start position. Now push up with equal force in each arm, twisting your wrists on the way up, until they are fully extended and back down. That was one repetition. You need to do 3 sets of 10.

Some people like to do these in the place as military dumbbell press. I personally like to keep both in my shoulder routines. They are both perfect for sculpting the shoulders and easy to do.

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